Government offices, Access to Parke County, Indiana

County Commissioners

Parke County is governed by a Board of three County Commissioners. The County Commissioners are elected for a four year term on a staggered basis.

The Parke County Commissioners are responsible for the administration of all county business, including:

  • Controlling, maintaining and supervising county property.
  • Reviewing and authorizing all claims against the county.
  • Receiving all bids and authorizing contracts.
  • Supervising of construction and maintenance of all roads and bridges.
  • Preparing the County Commissioner''s annual budget.

The Parke County Commissioners are:

  • Jim Meece (765) 498-1811
  • Dan R. Collom (765) 548-2898
  • Bruce Hartman (765) 569-5114

Correspondence for the Board of Commissioners may be addressed to:

Parke County Board of Commissioners
116 West High Street, Room 104
Rockville, IN 47872