Government offices, Access to Parke County, Indiana

County Council

The Parke County Council consists of seven councilmen. There are four council districts with one Councilman being elected for each district. There are three Councilmen who are not elected to a specific district these Councilmen are elected "at-large". County Councilmen are elected for a four year term on a staggered basis.

The Parke County Council has the financial power in the county, including:

  • Appropriating all funds for use by the county.
  • Adoption of optional taxes - including Local Income Tax and Wheel Tax.
  • Exclusive power of fixing the county rate of taxation.
  • Adoption of the county budget.
  • The setting of salaries of officers, deputies and employees payable from county funds.

The Parke County Councilmen are:

  • John Pratt (765) 344 - 1312
  • Jack B. Butler (765) 569 - 6810
  • Larry Gambaiani (765) 569 - 5624
  • James E. Howard
  • Rick Patton (765) 498 - 4737
  • Cameron Martin
  • Roy Wrightsman

Correspondence may be sent to the County Council at the following address:

Parke County Council
116 West High Street, Room 104
Rockville, IN 47872